In-House Production

Ground Screw Foundations

A cost-effective alternative to concrete

KRINNER ground screw foundations offer maximum stability, efficiency and sustainability without digging and concreting.

KRINNER’s in-house production reaches the highest quality standards, yet continues to evolve. Ongoing quality control measures ascertain consistent product excellence.

Hot galvanization offers best corrosion protection and reduces maintenance costs through outstanding durability.

A foundation to match any terrain. KRINNER ground screw foundations promise made-to-order solutions for almost any soil type.

Joist Systems

Maximum flexibility through modular FLEX joist systems

The KRINNER joist system excels through quick, uncomplicated installation and permits any modular array. Vertical or horizontal, from two rows to six rows - with the FLEX joist system, all modules may be installed according to the customer’s needs. It also permits variable module inclination angles and withstands any snow or wind load. Once again, KRINNER stands for comprehensive quality standards and maximum flexibility.

The KRINNER Solar System

German Engineered Quality

Quality and precision made in Germany

For the most part, we develop and produce all construction in Germany. That way, we safeguard the highest possible standards for all system components and ensure permanent availability. As your dependable partner, we guarantee maximum product quality coupled with the extensive know-how of an experienced team of experts. Precision manufacturing results in installation safety and low maintenance requirements. KRINNER Solar rightly stands for German Engineered Quality.

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