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The thrust of innovative ideas mated with precision and passion for the benefit of nature

Being pioneers in the construction of sustainable solar energy systems, we make a meaningful and valuable contribution to establishing photovoltaics as a cost-efficient renewable energy provider.

We are passionately committed to innovative impulses and comprehensive sustainable solutions for erecting solar energy facilities, leaving our mark on all processes and procedures of a project through precision, stability und safety.

The KRINNER Solar system is a winner, thanks to customized solutions, its varied modular design as well as its quick and easy assembly.

The KRINNER complete solution – as unique as your project

Short decision-making processes, high problem-solving skills and years of expertise ascertain maximum speed and efficiency for our customers.

Each solar energy project is as unique as the customer behind the project. That is why we develop comprehensive problem-solving approaches for any possible requirement and any terrain with customized complete solutions and trendsetting, environmentally sound technology. We are partners and advisers from the initial planning steps through completion for our common success.

1994 Founded
In Strasskirchen
AAA Credit Rating
50 Plus
Global Partners


An idea revolutionizes solar energy installation design

Innovation and inventive talent is a permanent business principle at KRINNER.

Since its patent was granted in 1994, our ground screw foundation has fundamentally revolutionized solar facility design and construction. Elaborate concrete work has been completely replaced by the sustainable and ecological employment of inexpensive ground screw foundations.

Apart from quick and economical implementation, modular, non-concrete construction also permits complete dismantling of facilities, a novelty in the solar energy business that has already won over customers in more than 50 countries.

KRINNER headquarters at Straßkirchen in Lower Bavaria.

Here, a highly specialized team of management, technology and sales experts works hard to make your solar energy project a success. This creates planning reliability, cuts project costs and effectively reduces customer strain.


The KRINNER Solar system – your investment in sustainable power energy generation

Sustainable energy management requires an understanding of common business sense coupled with a sense of responsibility for the environment. Your choice of a KRINNER Solar system is also a decision in favor of trendsetting and gentle construction with patented KRINNER ground screw foundations.

Non-concrete elevation eliminates costly earth works and concreting, affiliated soil sealing and extensive transports of concrete and machinery. This makes the KRINNER Solar system THE economical and time-saving solution for sustainable energy generation of the future.

The KRINNER Solar system safeguards your project’s long-term success by the cost-effective employment of patented KRINNER ground screw foundations. Their modular and environmentally friendly design is a brilliant symbiosis of economic and ecological pioneering efforts and also permits complete dismantling.

Planning & Project Management

Project Planning

Efficiency and dependability for mutual project success

Our thoughts and actions focus on the customers and the success of their projects. That is why we accompany you from the very beginning to the completion of your project.

As a KRINNER customer, you benefit from our substantial expert knowledge in the field of project management and control. Consistent planning is the foundation of smooth project progression and, and the same time, your key to success.

Our teams of experts take charge of complete project development, timely and dependably. Excellent project management seamlessly connects all procedures involved from analysis to demand planning and production all the way to installation according to your needs.

Analysis & Expertise

Increase cost-efficiency and planning dependability

Any KRINNER solar energy project begins with a detailed analysis of climatic requirements and soil composition in the prospective construction area. We use only proven, endurance-tested system components for each venture.

As the project progresses, a comprehensive survey of the respective terrain plus our substantial experience from agriculture permit precise planning of soil preparation and latching of each individual module. This approach effectively precludes any costly surprises for the customer.

Chemical soil analyses provide extensive information about soil composition and peculiarities in the construction area to be considered as the project progresses.

Our experts select the correct ground screw foundations based on soil analyses for maximum stability and longevity.

The longevity of the KRINNER Solar system is guaranteed by corrosion protection as required based on chemical soil analyses and endurance tests. Ground screw foundation coating is determined by individual on-site requirements. This ascertains maximum corrosion protection and high longevity and reduces long-term maintenance costs for your solar energy project.

Production & Logistics

Short innovation cycles through in-house manufacturing

We use in-house manufacturing and control the complete supply chain. That way, we can guarantee maximum product quality.

Our highly automated production markedly reduces overall cost and permits quick responsiveness within the product development and manufacturing process. Customers benefit from sustained top quality standards even with high production output.

Building a solar energy facility is a logistical masterpiece. Maximum cooperative interaction is imperative so that all processes may be concluded timely and precisely. Our expert teams know their trade perfectly – for your benefit.

360° Turn-Key
150 Plus
25% Cost REduction

Customized Solutions

Maximum success for your solar energy project

We gladly accept your challenge. Thanks to its flexible design and our unique expertise, the KRINNER Solar system meets even the highest demands in solar energy facility construction. We develop your project from conception to turnkey solution for maximum capability and success.

Benefit from the years of experience of our specialists and watch trendsetting innovations evolve through partnership. We enable to exploit the full potential of our unique solar energy solutions for your project – economical, time-saving and sustainable., zeitsparend und nachhaltig.

KRINNER customers benefit from the efficiency of intelligent machinery. Our own inventions permit reacting to the specific needs of solar energy facility construction so that sites may receive the best possible preparation and finish. That way, construction processes are streamlined and made cost-efficient.

Custom-made soil preparation.
Precise analyses permit developing customized solutions for any terrain and construction area worldwide.

FLEX, our flexible elevation system, was developed specifically for free-standing solar energy facilities. FLEX system modules may be arrayed vertically or horizontally, from two to six rows, permitting a tailor-made solution.

Variable inclination angles guarantee optimum orientation towards the sun and therefore maximum efficient surface utilization. The KRINNER Solar system is suited to any soil features and withstands any load and weather conditions.

Research & Development

Shaping trendsetting ideas – day in, day out

We shape the future. That is why research and development has been a fixture of our corporate culture from the very beginning. Our strife to make our in-house products even better for your benefit is a strong incentive for continued development of already competitive products.

A novelty in solar energy facility construction: The KRT installation robot.
This in-house invention, a tractor attachment, is controlled fully automatic by GPS signal. The robot automatically levels the subgrade and also integrates measuring foundation points and turning in ground screw foundations. This guarantees exact and precise perpendicular installation. With the help of our special machinery, up to 30 foundations may be set per team and hour and up to 4 megawatts per day may be installed.

In-House Production

Ground Screw Foundations

A cost-effective alternative to concrete

KRINNER ground screw foundations offer maximum stability, efficiency and sustainability without digging and concreting.

KRINNER’s in-house production reaches the highest quality standards, yet continues to evolve. Ongoing quality control measures ascertain consistent product excellence.

Hot galvanization offers best corrosion protection and reduces maintenance costs through outstanding durability.

A foundation to match any terrain. KRINNER ground screw foundations promise made-to-order solutions for almost any soil type.

Joist Systems

Maximum flexibility through modular FLEX joist systems

The KRINNER joist system excels through quick, uncomplicated installation and permits any modular array. Vertical or horizontal, from two rows to six rows - with the FLEX joist system, all modules may be installed according to the customer’s needs. It also permits variable module inclination angles and withstands any snow or wind load. Once again, KRINNER stands for comprehensive quality standards and maximum flexibility.

The KRINNER Solar System

German Engineered Quality

Quality and precision made in Germany

For the most part, we develop and produce all construction in Germany. That way, we safeguard the highest possible standards for all system components and ensure permanent availability. As your dependable partner, we guarantee maximum product quality coupled with the extensive know-how of an experienced team of experts. Precision manufacturing results in installation safety and low maintenance requirements. KRINNER Solar rightly stands for German Engineered Quality.

Site Management & Assembly

Topographic Measurement

Detailed precision from scratch.

Automated installation of KRINNER Solar systems requires precise project environment data. These are gathered quickly and economically by the use of a measuring drone. Soon, the measuring data acquired permit creating a detailed 3D topographic model with exact elevation data so that project-specific peculiarities may be taken into consideration.

We accompany your project digitally during the whole process. All work steps are meticulously checked and documented in the KRINNERCloud. That way, our project management can guarantee absolute security and transparency throughout the project’s evolution.

Working the ground

Perfect preparation for any terrain.

Based on precise on-site soil condition analyses, we prepare the ground for subsequent substructure installation. Soil undulations are leveled by filling or stripping as required.

The measuring data acquired during the drone flight permit creating a detailed 3D topographic model of the areas to be worked on. Exact data are transmitted to our special machines with the help of the KRINNERCloud. That way, the positions of the ground screw foundations can be precisely defined and marked mechanically.

Substructure installation is fully automatic based on a detailed 3D model of the construction area. The KRINNERCloud provides special screw-in machines with precise positioning and topographical data.

The KRINNER solution for any soil condition. 
From soft meadows to nondetachable soil types and even nondetachable rock, we offer made-to-order solutions to ease screwing in the ground screw foundations.

Drone flight measuring data and chemical soil analyses permit maximum planning dependability for solar energy project. Additional bore holes at the specified positions of ground screw foundations provide maximum installation stability and longevity on very hard or rocky ground.

150 Plus
30 Plus
Installation Models
400 Kilotons
Concrete saved p. Y.

Ground screw foundations

Save time and money with the special KRINNER design.

Following the marking of the positions of the ground screw foundations, our specially developed screw hammer unit enables direct screwing in of the foundations even in particularly hard or compressed soil structures. Lateral soil displacement and accompanying compression effect maximum foundation stability, resulting in high longevity and low maintenance costs for your solar energy project.

Simple, precisely positioned assembly of ground screw foundations with KRINNER Solar’s special machinery.

Joist Systems & Modules

Expert assembly service.

Our expert teams take complete charge of on-site construction management and mechanical assembly so that joist systems will installed precisely, quickly and professionally.

Our highly qualified assembly teams supervise and control the execution of your construction venture throughout the construction phase. This enables us to guarantee maximum quality for our assembly services and ensures the success of your solar energy project as your dependable partner.

The construction of a solar field in time lapse.

Highly qualified assembly teams fit or insert the modules, respectively.

Vertical or horizontal, two rows or up to six rows – the KRINNER FLEX system permits module array according to customer needs.

Grid Connection

Sustainable power supply even during construction.

The KRINNER Solar system gives you turnkey solutions for your individual venture. As a rule, connecting with the grid is the conclusion of any solar energy project.

The novelty of KRINNER solutions: Once installed, solar energy modules are connected with the grid block by block in order to generate sales for you even during the ongoing project. Available power may therefore be used and marketed immediately after the conclusion of each construction stage. That way, your facility begins to pay for itself even before the final conclusion of you construction project.

    Solar system

    Vision & Business

    the future

    Driven by innovation and good business sense, we develop, plan and build sustainable solar systems for efficient power generation today and tomorrow.

    Planning & Project Management


    Our expert professionals are your dependable partners and comprehensive project planners from facility design to installation and maintenance, providing tailor-made, cost-efficient solutions for your solar energy project.

    In-House Production


    Top quality standards of KRINNER’s in-house production guarantee innovative product development and advanced solutions.

    Site Management & Assembly


    Energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable implementation of solar energy projects energy with the innovative capacity and flexibility of the KRINNER Solar system.

    Creating the future

    Vision & Business

    Crafting Precision

    In-House Produktion
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