Vision & Business


The thrust of innovative ideas mated with precision and passion for the benefit of nature

Being pioneers in the construction of sustainable solar energy systems, we make a meaningful and valuable contribution to establishing photovoltaics as a cost-efficient renewable energy provider.

We are passionately committed to innovative impulses and comprehensive sustainable solutions for erecting solar energy facilities, leaving our mark on all processes and procedures of a project through precision, stability und safety.

The KRINNER complete solution – as unique as your project

Short decision-making processes, high problem-solving skills and years of expertise ascertain maximum speed and efficiency for our customers.

Each solar energy project is as unique as the customer behind the project. That is why we develop comprehensive problem-solving approaches for any possible requirement and any terrain with customized complete solutions and trendsetting, environmentally sound technology. We are partners and advisers from the initial planning steps through completion for our common success.

The KRINNER Solar system is a winner, thanks to customized solutions, its varied modular design as well as its quick and easy assembly.


An idea revolutionizes solar energy installation design

Innovation and inventive talent is a permanent business principle at KRINNER.

Since its patent was granted in 1994, our ground screw foundation has fundamentally revolutionized solar facility design and construction. Elaborate concrete work has been completely replaced by the sustainable and ecological employment of inexpensive ground screw foundations.

Apart from quick and economical implementation, modular, non-concrete construction also permits complete dismantling of facilities, a novelty in the solar energy business that has already won over customers in more than 50 countries.


The KRINNER Solar system – your investment in sustainable power energy generation

Sustainable energy management requires an understanding of common business sense coupled with a sense of responsibility for the environment. Your choice of a KRINNER Solar system is also a decision in favor of trendsetting and gentle construction with patented KRINNER ground screw foundations.

Non-concrete elevation eliminates costly earth works and concreting, affiliated soil sealing and extensive transports of concrete and machinery. This makes the KRINNER Solar system THE economical and time-saving solution for sustainable energy generation of the future.

The KRINNER Solar system safeguards your project’s long-term success by the cost-effective employment of patented KRINNER ground screw foundations. Their modular and environmentally friendly design is a brilliant symbiosis of economic and ecological pioneering efforts and also permits complete dismantling.

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